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Top Tier Performance Training offers the most exclusive and advanced online performance training and personal coaching available. Online training provides the advantages of having your own personal trainer as well as the convenience of working out on your schedule and even in your own home. Utilizing the latest technology and advanced program design, Top-Tier can now help you reach your goals anywhere, anytime. If you are willing to commit yourself, we will provide you with the tools, support and community you need to improve your performance and overall fitness.

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While in-person coaching is far more ideal, it can be difficult to achieve due to lack of availability, long commutes, and geographic location. Now we are making our programs available to everyone, anywhere, any time! Go to the gym with a plan and get out of the routine of wandering around the gym wondering what to do next.

  • Video demonstrations of every exercise
  • Directions and instructions on how to perform every exercise using the same coaching points we use every day with our in-person clients
  • An easy to use app for your phone, tablet, and access to your client dashboard via the internet

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